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Government Lies! -untold story's- trailer

Trailer of the Movie/Docu - Government Lies! (untold story's) 2-DVD

Inhoud DVD's:

DVD.1 - Zeitgeist, Panopticon, Collapse of the American Dream, Vinnie Paz & George Carlin:

1. Zeitgeist - zeitgeist, religion, 9/11 inside job, money-system, war=money, secret society's agenda NWO, bloodlines, RFID Chips.
2. Panopticon - technologie, camera's controle, dataverkeer, panopticon-concept, therapie diagnoses, systeem, controle/politie staat, duitsland-nederland, RFID Chips.
3. Collapse of the American Dream (animated) - money paper-gold, system, control, bankers FED, taxing, JFK.
4. Vinnie Paz ft. George Carlin - true lies/end of days, george carlin-wars, illusion freedom of choice, politics, u can't be neutral on a moving train (facts), beware of the zeitgeist, end of days (full).

DVD.2 - Thrive, DMX, JFK & Dave Chapelle + Music Video's:

1. Thrive - energy, ufo's/old civilizations, sytem, money, secret agenda, NWO, bloodlines, RFID chips, solutions.
2. Dave Chapelle, DMX & JFK - the industry DMX, greatest speech ever made Charlie Chaplin, strategy of peace JFK, in his own words Dave Chapelle, the real you Alan Watts, imagine a jump.
3. Music Video's - tech n9ne - noose, nas & damian marley - patience, lupe fiasco - words i never said, saigon - crazy world, ice cube - everythings corrupt, bob - the watchers, ab-soul - beautifull death, krayzie bone - life a lesson to learn, btnh - meet me in the sky, kendrick lamar - h!!power, michael jackson - they don't really care about us, btnh - they don't wanne see me shine, lauryn hill - i get out, bliss n eso - sea is rising, promoe - these walls don't lie, fakkelbrigade - levensgroot, fakkelbrigade - groen gras, lupe fiasco - freedom ain't free, matisyahu - sunshine, ziggy marley - true to myself, 2pac & scarface - smile, bob marley - redemption song, julian marley - boom draw.

Mochttie het niet doen hier nog de link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbudyiQnMPc

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